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Jason Plotsky, DC 


Nova Spinal Care &

I give Sarah the highest recommendation and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

    We hired Sarah to help us from both an HR and operations perspective. We needed help to be able to focus on our business while someone could maintain focus in the business.  

     Sarah was instrumental in helping us execute a performance review process and helped us with both hiring and onboarding new staff. She helped us launch an online presence and was integral in helping create a brand voice and oversee all of our marketing activities.

     We currently use Sarah on an ongoing basis to help us with marketing strategies and to assist in decision making with our HR and operational issues.

Scott Lewis 

President & COO

Waycred Automotive Products

When I bought a new company and needed marketing support ... Sarah was my first call.

     Sarah and I worked together in our past lives where she had done brand development and marketing planning work for me. When I bought a new company and needed marketing support from the ground up, she was my first call.

     Sarah provides an outsourced CMO-for-hire model that was exactly what we needed to get our brand established, packaging designed and websites up and running. She brings together the right people to get the jobs done and continues to provide sound strategic marketing advice as we ramp up our market presence.

Heather Keeler-Hurshman

Former VP Investor Relations & Communications

High Liner Foods

 I was always impressed with Sarah’s deep understanding of the work she does. 

     I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah on many projects over a number of years. I find her straightforward and practical approach extremely refreshing and appreciate her knack for keeping things simple and effective. She understood our business and was able to draw from her years of experience to make practical recommendations that met us where we were.

     When we needed expertise in the space where HR and Marketing overlap, Sarah gave us the guidance we needed. After developing our corporate brand, she understood the need to communicate the brand inside the organization to employees, and worked with HR and communications to build a plan that would launch and integrate the corporate brand into our culture through various internal programs and processes.

     I was repeatedly blown away by the work Sarah and her team did for us; it was always professional, creative and hit the mark.

Geoff Wills 

Sr. Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, North America

Nature's Way

Sarah is a voice at the table that you can genuinely trust. 

     Sarah is a voice at the table that you can genuinely trust. 

     What strikes me most about Sarah is her judgment and perspective; with a long-term outlook that is often lacking but sorely needed amidst the hyper-changing dynamics of building a business today. Her point of view comes from a place where strategic planning, brand communications and technology intersect. From messaging to data capture, from campaign planning to execution, Sarah provides counsel that can be relied upon for a business of any size in any sector. 

     Sarah is a pleasure to work with and true partner.

Sanjeev Pushkarna 

Sr. Program Manager, Smart Grid Nova Scotia Power

     Sarah is an effective leader who is passionate about her clients’ success. She made the effort to really understand our strategy and who we are, helping us achieve our goals while also making us a stronger team.

Blaine Van Snick

Former Director of Marketing,

Sobeys Atlantic

Sarah has become one of the finest marketing leaders in our region ... She’s done it all, and she does it well.

     Sarah was the Account Director on our business while I was Director of Marketing at Sobeys. I recall being very impressed that the agency had given her such responsibility so early in her career, and it didn’t take long for me to understand why. From the outset, Sarah demonstrated leadership, organization, knowledge and a commitment to excellence well beyond her years. As our key contact, she helped lead a team that enabled us to take our first steps toward truly understanding and building our brand.

     We only worked together for a few years, but Sarah made such an impression that I have stayed in touch and followed her career ever since. I believe Sarah has become one of the finest marketing leaders in our region, and would highly recommend her as a brand and creative strategist, or as a resource or consultant in virtually any marketing discipline. She’s done it all, and she does it well.

Happy Clients

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