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Leading a team of the best creative and media partners I’ve worked with throughout my career, I offer full-service marketing support to clients. Sometimes this takes the form of a traditional agency-client relationship where I work at arm’s length as a marketing partner. For other clients I am more integrated into their business and become a part of their marketing team. For those with a junior marketing team, I offer senior guidance and strategic support. For clients with no internal marketing team, I become the marketing arm of their business, and provide the resources required to meet their marketing needs.

Working closely with the team I put together for each client, I am able to provide strategic planning, brand strategy and development (including visual identity), marketing strategy and planning, all creative support (design, copywriting, video, website, social media content, etc.), digital and social media strategy and planning, media strategy, planning and execution, social media content creation, engagement and ongoing community management, PR/GR, crisis management/communication, media relations, media training, stakeholder engagement and facilitation…. and more.



A growing area of my practice is related to how HR and Marketing connect within an organization. Many companies spend thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on communicating their brand to their target audience each

year. However, sometimes, the employees that represent the front line for these brands don’t really understand the brand, or worse, they just don’t care. If you took a random sample of employees from most organizations and asked them to explain what the company’s brand is and what it stands for, you would get a random sample of answers.

I work with a company’s HR and Marketing teams to build plans to create, launch and foster a corporate culture that reflects the brand. As a result, employees become more rooted in the culture, they understand the role they play in the company’s overall objectives, and they are more content and productive, leading to lower turnover and disruption.


I also work with organizations to develop internal communication programs including ongoing CEO communications, employee recognition programs, intranet communications strategies, etc.


I work with small business owners and CEOs as Integrator or Chief Operating Officer in the areas of HR, Business Management, and Marketing. This is ideal for businesses that need executive level thinking, support and leadership, but their business doesn’t necessarily have the resources to hire someone full-time in this role. This role is also critical when the owner(s) of a business are too busy working IN the business to spend time working ON the business. This is a common pitfall that can inhibit company growth, employee growth and general satisfaction by the ownership that they are doing what’s right for the business or what's required to take their business to the next level.


In this role, I have taken on HR functions of establishing performance review processes and implementation; employee role definition and potential restructuring; interviewing, hiring and on-boarding new employees, etc. Also, business management activities such as corporate structure reviews; policy and procedure development; business development process and implementation; etc. as well as a myriad of marketing activities.

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